Kfar Hamaccabiah

JS-IL Conference

6 Leading speakers | 12 Fascinating lectures | 1 full day of technology



Functional programming - Nir Geier

In general Functional Programing means that the output of the function depend only on its arguments. In this session we will learn what does Functional Programing means and we will walk to examples to fully understand what is it and how can we start using it today.


EVENTHUB - Nir Geier

What Is the Event hub and where should we use it. What are the main ideas behind this programing concept (publish subscribe) and what can our code benefit from it. We will look on several code samples which will show us the different usages of this pattern.


Pro React & Redux - Boris Dinkevich

Join us to learn what is "React" and why this relatively new library going to Lead the FRONT/END domain. learn the peculiarities of "react", the state of the developer community, with all the open source world around and try to figure out where "react" is going in 2016.


Angular preforming - Lior Messinger

With great power comes great responsibility, and we need to have a lot of responsibility when we develop in AngularJS, especially because performance issues are looming around every corner. Come and hear about the best practices for keeping your code fast and furious.


Form of Art: Building Forms in Angular 2 - Shmuela Jacobs

Forms are a key ingredient in most, if not all, Web applications. In this session we’ll learn how to construct forms with Angular 2, applying code and UX best practices.


React for programers 101 - Boris Dinkevich

Join us to learn the basics of "React", how it works and what distinguishes it from other libraries. how the "Components" works and about the and Flux & Redux world -


ES6-ES7 - Nir Geier

In this session we will go introduce and go over the major changes in ES6/ES7. We will cover new features, structures and we will dive into it with many demos and samples.


Angular2 in 45 Minutes - SOF HADERECH - Lior Messinger

Always wondered what Angular 2 is all about? come and see how easy it is to start programming in Angular 2. Is it the end of the road for all other frameworks?


Angular CLI - Shmuela Jacobs

Tired of writing boilerplates? Depressed about creating test suites? Frustrated of all the steps needed just for creating a new project? Get familiar with the tool that will take all the hassle away and let you concentrate on just coding your wonderful app.


Nir Geier

Senior Client side developer

Lior Messinger

C.T.O at E4D

Boris Dinkevich

CEO & Co-Founder - 500Tech - Israel's top AngularJS & ReactJS Consultancy

Uri Shaked

Senior Software Engineer

Nir Kaufman

Head of AngularJS Development at 500tech

Shmuela Jacobs

Senior Front-end Developer at 500Tech

About the Conference

Kfar Hamaccabiah
Ramat Gan, Perez Berenstein 7

For the 4th year in a row we are proud to present the greatest JavaScript conference in Israel, with the best lectures about the hottest topics - one day, two tracks -- you don’t want to miss it!